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Overview of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a technique that helps a business to connect to its potential customers through various online platforms. The area and scope of growth of any business increases as the digital platform is not bounded by the place you work from. For instance, you can buy quality products online from any place you desire through various sites like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, etc. Digital Marketing is a combination of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Consumer Behavior.

Web Site Planning and Creation

In the present era of Digital Marketing, where your business is virtually connected to its potential customers, website plays a major role in trust building. According to a study, customer refers to homepage for not more than 5.59 seconds before deciding whether to go along with the brand or not. Further, each page on website must have a unique feature which differentiates it from similar brands. Thus, a website is a key to customers’ heart.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It gives access to new customers and expands your consumer base.
 It expands your reach in the market and helps your business to grow.

Social Media

A highly communicative medium that proves to be the best platform for socializing your brand. Also, it has an economic budget. You can advertise your product or service to the target audience and grow your brand awareness strategically. Digital Marketing focuses on advertising on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It improves your brand awareness.
 It helps in evaluating your brand performance.

Search engine marketing

SEM is a paid advertisement of your brand that makes it easy to reach the potential customers and also helps in expanding consumer base. According to a survey, 87% of the population use Google Search Engine. In Digital Marketing, your brand is advertised by proper use of keywords, relevant content and after considering customer’s needs.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It helps in increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic.
 It helps in increasing the number of your leads.

Mobile Marketing:

Nowadays, market has become very ‘handy’. People carry brands and businesses in their pockets in the form of apps on their mobile phones. A study suggests that around 70% of population use mobiles for surfing internet. Due to Digital Marketing, it has become very easy to gain access to various products and services throughout the world without actually having to go there. Also, in mobile marketing, product is advertised only to the target audience.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It is customer friendly and eases the process of brand awareness.
 It becomes easy to reach your target audience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps in creating consumer based analysis in forms of graphs and bars to develop a marketing strategy. It is a service provided by Google which tracks and reports your website traffic and also gives information on ROI. This helps the entrepreneur and Digital Marketing expert to arrive at some important decisions regarding the advertisement.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It is an effective analytical tool to analysis the consumer behavior.
 It helps in identifying the most visited sites.

Online Display Advertising

Digital Marketing efficiently advertises your product through images, videos, flash and audios. All these are Display Advertising, which hammers the mind of your potential customer.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It helps to create a firm consumer base.  It has a precise content which makes it easy for the customer to relate to your brand.

Email marketing

Email Marketing is one of the biggest sources of generating leads. Nowadays, the promotional advertising mails fail to reflect in the primary section of Google Mails and reflect under the section of Promotional mails. Anyhow, by the use of Digital Marketing services, promotional mail of your brand directly lands in the Primary section making it more viable to read.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It helps in building the credibility of your brand.
 It helps in improving your brand awareness.

E-Commerce marketing:

Ecommerce Marketing is gaining pace in this digital era. Creating an online store of your business will help you reach the potential customers in an easy way. It benefits small retailers to expand their business in different cities. Due to Digital Marketing, it has become possible to go global with your brand and compete with others in the market. Also, Digital Marketing services help in the real-time online sales of your products or services.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It helps in expansion of your business across globe.
 It increases your consumer base efficiently.

Lead generation

Digital Marketing provides many platforms for lead generation. These platforms help in growing your consumer base by reaching out to potential customers of your brand. In this section, we focus on the acquisition cost, product cost and ROI.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It boosts your sales and increases profits.
 It gives your business a positive ROI.

Content marketing

Content is the king of advertising through digital platforms. Along with designing a good website, your content should be good and relevant enough to increase your website’s ranking on the search engine. Without proper keywords, your website would not rank among the top sites. Content should always be in accordance with the mindset of your target audience.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It helps in increasing the website traffic.
 It increases your conversation rates with customers.

Internet marketing strategy

Internet marketing, also known as online marketing, is an inexpensive way of promoting your brand on the online platforms which helps in growing brand awareness, increasing leads and boosting sales. Internet strategy differs from business to business. Also, internet strategies are adaptable to the changing needs of customers. Customized Digital Marketing strategies are required for your business to grow.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It provides a personalized experience to the customer.
 It helps in developing healthy relationships with your customers.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing helps to expand horizons of a brand. A business, in the process of growth, affiliates with a vendor with the same target audience who promotes your product or service to a niche audience. Your business, thus gest a loyal audience along with a successful promotional marketing of your brand.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It helps influencing your audience efficiently.


AdSense, an advertising placement service, is a tool for websites to make money out of the advertisements that pops up on their respective website. It is a service provided by Google.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 You can operate multiple websites from one AdSense account.
 Customers engage with your website for a longer time due to other relevant ads.

Online reputation management(ORM)

ORM is a way to strategically plan and manage your reputation online. ORM strategies helps to shape the public perception positively. You can try to nullify the effect of a bad publicity of your brand through good ORM strategies. It mainly includes good content, good website design, social media management and much more.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It promotes the positive aspects of your business.
 It gives control to your business over Google rankings.

Freelancing projects

There are various freelancing projects on the internet where you can work individually for many clients. In digital marketing services we will help you how to take freelancing projects. Here even you can work globally by sitting even in a small town. You may be specialized in content writing or Adwords or social media and so on


Remarketing is connecting with the audience who had visited your website in the past. These audience would not have made an immediate purchase but would have shown interest in your product or service. Retargeting the audience would help in your brand to reconnect with the potential customers of the past. At Pace Digital, remarketing is done mainly to improve the ROI. According to Google, 33% of conversations are through remarketing.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It improves the relevancy of your Ad.
 It helps in building a strong consumer base.

Blog marketing

Blog Marketing refers to the technique of publicizing your brand or website through blogs. It helps your business to gain more visibility and thus helps in boosting the process of brand awareness>

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It helps in increasing the website traffic.
 It helps to improve the brand awareness.

Info graphics

The visual representation of your brand is covered under infographics. Graphics represent your brand in an attractive format to which audience can relate. It clears the purpose of Ad in a glance and helps the potential customer to take an informed decision. It is a promotional technique which can grow brand awareness and expand consumer base as well.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 These ads are easy to understand.
 They are persuasive and engages customer with your brand.

Google webmaster

Google Webmaster, also known as Google Search Console, helps in maintenance of your website. Indexing status and website visibility can be checked using Google Webmaster. Also, it helps Google to communicate with the webmasters. It helps in optimizing your website and make it more user friendly to invite more traffic to your website.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It helps in comparing your website with that of the competitor.
 It displays the effectiveness of your keywords, making it possible to improvise your content.

Landing Page

In Digital Marketing, landing page serves as a destination page that appears when anyone clicks on search engine optimized search result or an advertisement. Optimization of your landing page is very necessary to attract more audience and create a positive ORM. The main aim of landing page is to create leads and provide vital details to the prospects.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 It is precise and avoids distractions.
 It directly supports your business goals.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is one of the best way to communicate with the audience. It has to be clear and precise in its objectives, so that the consumer do not skip the video. It keeps the consumer engaged and helps in generating loyal consumer base.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
 Video marketing increases conversation rates with the customers.
 It helps in building a loyal consumer base.


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